Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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Yorke Peninsula Butlers update

Hi all,
This is the first post notifying a change to the tree. I hope you are now subscribing to changes.

The following changes were made as a result of our trip to the YP last week. Dianne and I are very grateful to Joe and Marilyn Butler and Graham and Marea Butler for their great hospitality. We visited the cemetery just South of Minlaton and I have now included photos of a number of headstones. We also visited the old Moorowie Station homestead and William Snr. and Mary Butler's grave. What a great find and again, thanks to Joe for arranging permission to go onto the property. Here is a summary of the changes made to date. There will of course be more to follow arising from our visit:

Changes from Ancestry: Thomas/Butler & March/Baldock Family Tree

1 David Lindsay Butler added AKA - Joe or Joey. Added new image.
2 Mary Ann Bowen Changed Marriage - 28 Jun 1858 in Riverton, South Australia. Added new grave site images. (These are photos of William and Mary's grave on Moorowie Station near the old homestead. It is located on private property and well back from the road. Permission must be obtained to visit. It was a very sad and lonely place on the hill next to the old homestead ruins and is a stark reminder of the hard times William Snr. and Mary endured in the 1860's on their return from the goldfields.
3 Thomas James Butler Changed. Added new grave site images. Prime image cropped from group photo.
4 Yvonne Marie Thomas Changed prime image.
5 Sarah Ann Cook Changed. Added new grave site images. Prime image cropped from group photo.
6 John James Butler Changed.Added new grave site images. Changed prime image cropped from group photo.
7 Henry John Butler Changed. Added new crash site image and group photos.
8 Annie Linda Porker Changed. Added new grave site images.
9 William Butler Changed. Fact: Marriage - 28 Jun 1858 in Riverton, South Australia. Added Citation. Fact: Sex - M Changed. Added new grave site images. (Shared with Mary).

Monday, December 24, 2012

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