Monday, December 24, 2012

Family View -

The Thomas/Butler & March/Baldock family tree may be found at the following URL:

If you are a member of and signed in, you should be able to see our tree as it is publicly viewable.

If you are NOT a member of or not signed in, you may be directed to the home page. As a first time visitor your will probably be offered a short period of free trial. On accepting or on signing in, you will be able to see our tree.

If you are NOT a member of and don't intend to become one, you can still see our publicly viewable tree by invitation. Simply send me an email and I will create a special link for you. It will have to remain in your cookie cache to keep working because once the link has been activated, it can't be reused. A new invitation will be needed if you kill the original.

Nobody can see LIVING members of our family tree due to privacy considerations. If you want to see LIVING members, send me an email and I will change your permissions.

Information about LIVING members is limited to basic DOB, DOM details, parents, children, siblings. Anything else published is with the permission of the living person.

Nothing is published without it being fact, based on hard evidence with the exception that old detail may carry caveats but is still considered to be reliable.

The tree is published with all due care and diligence but no responsibility whatsoever is assumed or implied for incorrect information or misuse of information.

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